Tendering opportunities in Big Science Business field

CERN is an international organization, which therefore has its own specific tendering rules and procedures. The organization is currently upgrading the Larde Hadron Collider, and thus the annual purchasing volumes are even higher than usually during the upcoming years, reaching over € 500 million annual volumes.

FAIR is following German and EU procurement rules in combination with in-kind deliveries from its Member States. The facility is currently being constructed with the overall budget exceeding € 1000 millions.

It is important to be proactively involved in the tendering processes from their very early phase of defining the technical specifications. Behind the links hereunder you will find all the relevant information regarding the upcoming business opportunities with CERN & FAIR.

Important Links for Tender opportunities

How to do business with CERN

CERN Market surveys and Calls for tender

Register to CERN Supplier Database

FAIR In-kind & Procurement



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